Local Governing Board

The Principal of the International School of Creative Science has a responsibility for the leadership of the school, the strategic direction linked to the aims of the school and governors as well as those of the National Agenda and UAE Vision 2021.

Parents, teachers, students, and community members are encouraged to be members of the School Governing Body. In their capacity, they can help shape the school’s future direction and ensure a strong connection and sense of community between the school’s leadership and parents.

Chair of Governors

Hesham Abdeen

Chair of Governors

“Schools with high levels of trust and collaboration between teachers and administrators retain good teachers and get better student outcomes.”

Having worked in education for 28 years, most recently as Head of Accreditation and Evaluations at BEAM and previously as an Academic Advisor for a group of American and British Schools in Al Ain, Mr. Hesham has a thorough understanding of the sector from early years to higher education. Two of his five children are currently at ISCS and lived in Al Ain then Sharjah since 1995, having a personal interest in the success of schools and the local community, he is delighted to have the opportunity to utilise his professional skills and experience and parental knowledge to support the staff and children at their education.

Mr. Hesham enjoys applying his skills and experience in education and quality assurance to inform an external, objective perspective to challenge and support the continuing progress and development of the School.

The Local Governing Board, in collaboration with the school leadership and Governing Body will work hard to ensure that our children are provided with the best possible opportunities to thrive in a safe environment.
“The time our children spend in schools has an enormous impact on their future life opportunities. That is why if we think learning is the product of teaching, we need to reimagine that as learning is the product of all learners’ activities. So, let’s look at our learners as the creators of how they can learn, with full autonomy and independence. That’s why we need to inspire and educate learners for life” -Hesham Abdeen, Head of Accreditation and Evaluations.

Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs. Majd C. Hussain

Vice Chair of Governors

With over 28 years of experience in educational administration, leadership, and management from various British and American curriculum schools in the US, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, Mrs. Majd C. Hussain is the founding Principal of the American School of Creative Science Maliha. Mrs. Majd graduated with a Bachelors in English Literature from Carthage College in Wisconsin, US and received a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education & Leadership Management from the University of Gloucestershire, UK. She strives to create a learning community that fosters excellence, creativity, leadership, collaboration and tolerance. She has garnered numerous prestigious awards including the Most Inspiring CEO Award (2015), Employer of Choice Award (2015) and Chairman’s Choice "Rising Star" Award (2014), from the Bukhatir Group Management Excellence Awards.

Samar Khalid Murad


A passionate Principal of 13 years of educational leadership and 8 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Samar Murad has always inspired leaders at all levels in different settings to drive schools in a clear strategic direction that promotes ambitious vision. Her experience in leading NEASC and CIS Accreditation process has driven schools to improve their practices and achieve the desired outcomes of accreditation and inspection authorities.

Mrs. Murad was privileged enough to work with multinational professionals and gain experience in implementing the English National Curriculum, the Common Core standards and UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
She is visionary and possesses enthusiasm, resilience and commitment to lead a school of a purposeful learning culture with main focus on developing, educating and nurturing global leaders of faith, humanity, learning and life. She is highly committed to the UAE national agenda and ISCS vision, mission and values.

Mrs. Murad led ISCS to achieve a very successful MOE Evaluation outcomes in the academic year 2017-2018.
Mrs.Murad was bestowed the BEAM most Dynamic Principal Award in the academic year 2017—2018 and 2018-2019 in row. She contributed fruitfully at a national level to planning for Sharjah Private Schools improvement and other National projects. Under her leadership, the school received the Sharjah Award for Education Excellence, as the “Most Distinguished School” from Sharjah Education Council. She earned a number of appreciation awards at the national and inter-schools’ levels.

Mrs. Samar is a chairperson of Sharjah Private Schools Principals Council. She holds a Master’s Degree in applied linguistics with distinction from Lebanon and a Master’s degree in business administration from the USA. She is currently enrolled in NPQH programme for her UK national qualification of Headship.

Vice Principal

Catherine Hussain

Vice Principal

Catherine Hussain has been in the field of education for almost 3 decades. She has a degree in Psychology and statistics (BSC) and a PGCE in Primary with a mathematics specialism. Coming from a psychological background she believes that every child can succeed with the right learning pathway and support. Working within wider action research projects, she has developed a keen interest in students having control of their learning and shaping their own learning environment leading to greater success and highly self-aware learners.

Catherine's teaching career has spanned a wide range of schools including large primary schools in West Yorkshire in the UK, an international school in Germany as well as schools in the UAE. Due to effective practice and a child centered approach which led to accelerated outcomes for students, Catherine was approached to take on leadership roles. These have included SENCO, English Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Coordinator as well as Key Stage leader positions.

Moving into senior leadership in 1997, Catherine has led and managed change for improved outcomes for students working within senior leadership teams to drive strategic improvements through careful planning and analysis of data. She has also worked with other schools outside her own, to support and develop them in a variety of areas. Holding Deputy Head and Principal positions in the UK, Germany and Dubai has allowed her to refine her leadership skills and apply knowledge and understanding effectively in very different contexts.

Being an Education Inspector was a learning experience for Catherine since it highlighted that being within a school environment, working with students, teachers and families on a daily basis is where her passion lies. This led her, via a successful Principal position in Dubai, to join ISCS in September 2018. She feels that ISCS is a school unlike any other as the faith-based atmosphere enriches everyone who comes.

Professor Hamid M.K Al Naimiy

Board Member

Professor Hamid M.K Al Naimiy holds multiple certificates, PhD in Astrophysics from University of Manchester 1977, MSc in Astronomy from University of Manchester 1975, BSc in Physics from University of Baghdad 1971 and Post Doctorate from University of Arizona 1977-1978.

Professor Al Naimiy occupies several positions, being a chancellor at the University of Sharjah, the General Director for Sharjah Academy for Astronomy and Space Science and President at the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences. He is also a member of the International Astronomical Union, International Variable Stars Society and International Society of Searching for Intelligent life in the Universe. In recognition of his achievements, Professor Al Naimiy received the best Scientific Researcher Prize and the Best Scientific Public Media Publication Prize - The Iraqi Scientific Research Council. He was honoured as the Best Department Chair, Teacher and Researcher for the Year 2006 from UAE University and received the Khalifa Award for Education 2009/2010 in the field of Higher Education. Moreover, Professor Al Naimiy contributed preeminently in organising the UN/ESA workshops in 2007. He has also been recognized in NASA Plaque for his contributions as Coordinator for the Asian & Pacific region for the period 2005 – 2009. Professor Al Naimiy supervised more than 30 PhD and MSc graduate students and taught different courses in Physics, Astrophysics and Space Sciences in many Universities in the UK, Iraq, Jordan, and UAE. He chaired many scientific organising committees for international and regional conferences, and attended more than 100 International and regional conferences. Professor Al Naimiy supervised and built scientific projects such as the Iraqi Astronomical Observatory in Korek Mountain, Satellite Images Receiving Station at Al-Therthar zone - Iraq, Maragaha Observatory and Ibn-AlShater Astronomy Park at Al-Albayte University - Jordan, and Sharjah Academy for Astronomy and Space Sciences, including Sharjah Optical Observatory.

Accreditation Governor

Mr. Ataullah Parkar

Accreditation Governor

Mr. Ataullah is the Executive Principal at the Creative Science Schools in Dubai. Mr. Ataullah has been a Senior Leader in schools for 7 years, including being a Head Teacher in the United Kingdom. Ataullah has led ISCS through multiple inspections, including the most recent 2019 KHDA inspection where the school was rated Good with Very Good and Outstanding features. In the same year, the school achieved Good with Outstanding ratings from the British Schools Overseas, registering the school as an International British school with the Department for Education, UK.

Mr. Ataullah has led the Virtues programme across BEAM schools, an integrated approach which promotes faith-based virtues within the curriculum.

Prior to working as a Head Teacher, Mr. Ataullah has worked within the strategic education departments of multiple local authorities in the UK, as a board member of the Association of Muslim Schools UK, and as a Policy Manager for Ofqual; advising the UK government on vocational and GCSE qualification reforms.

Mr. Ataullah completed his National Professional Qualification for Head Teachers in 2017, and pursued his National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders. He has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Leadership and Management. Ataullah teaches the social sciences and is passionate about liberal arts education.

Assistant Principal Governor

Dr. Fahd Kahlaoui

Assistant Principal Governor

Dr. Fahd Kahlaoui has been in Education for over 13 years and holds various degrees, namely a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Business (BSC), a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing (MSC), a Master’s level PGCE in Mathematics, and a Doctorate Degree in Education. He believes in the Kaizen philosophy and method of, “continuous improvement without any excuses”, as he feels it encourages constant personal and professional growth, by looking for possible improvements and then initiating positive change.

Since starting his career in teaching, he has never stopped learning, viewing himself as a permanent student and academic researcher. Dr. Fahd strives to continuously develop his academic knowledge and stay current on the latest educational updates and strategies, in order to improve himself as a leader.

Dr. Fahd first began his teaching career in a large comprehensive school in North London as a Mathematics Teacher, where he soon achieved one of the highest value-added scores in Mathematics and was promoted to Gifted and Talented Coordinator within his first year of teaching, before taking on a range of additional leadership responsibilities and relocating to Dubai in 2014.

Since 2014, Dr. Fahd had occupied various leadership and decision-making roles such as Head of Mathematics, Assistant Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, and Vice-Principal. Additionally, he has worked alongside School Governors, being involved in activities such as budgeting, manpower, curriculum planning, and school-wide strategic decision-making activities.

After 7 successful years in Dubai, Dr. Fahd Kahlaoui joined ISCS in August of 2021 as he was drawn to the faith-based ethos of the school and felt that this new establishment would not only be a good choice in terms of his career but also the right choice for himself and his children’s deen.

School Governor

Mahmoud Ahmed Gbla

School Governor

Mahmoud Gbla is a Mathematics Teacher at the International School of Creative Science, who is highly enthusiastic about teaching, learning, and management. He has embodied various Teaching and Pastoral roles, as well as being a Coordinator and member of the Examination and Academic boards.

Mahmoud holds an undergraduate degree in Education, with Honours in Mathematics, a Higher Teachers Diploma, and is nearing the completion of his Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Management. He is also a member of EURASIA Researchers for over 5 years, having attended and presented at several educational conferences. Mahmoud has a great passion for teaching, learning, and management.

Mahmoud believes that “school is more than just a place of learning, it is a community that we can all be part of” and is passionate about working alongside his trusted colleagues, putting the interests of the school and its pupils at the forefront, to ensure that ISCS remains an outstanding school.

Inclusion Governor

Umar Seyyed Naeem

Inclusion Governor

An individual who is extremely passionate about Inclusion, Umar Naeem has been a senior leader for over 4 years and is the Head of Inclusion at both, the International School of Creative Science, and the American School of Creative Science.

Umar completed his National Award for SEN Coordination in 2018 and is nearing the completion of his PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification. He also holds a post-graduate degree in Education and an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Prior to joining BEAM, he had been a Class Teacher at an “Outstanding” school in the UK and a SENCO at other schools in Dubai.

Umar has successfully led multiple Inclusion teams through various inspections, including the most recent 2019 KHDA inspection where the school received “Good”, “Very Good” and “Outstanding” ratings in various features. In the same year, the school achieved “Outstanding” ratings from the British Schools Overseas, registering the school as an International British School with the Department for Education in the UK.

ISCS Student Governor – Girls

Maram Al Daher

ISCS Student Governor – Girls

Maram can be described as someone who believes in the collective good and selflessly does what’s best for the students. She strongly believes that everyone has their own special elements and potential and works to enhance the uniqueness of our student body.

These bright characteristics earned her the trust and respect of her classmates, who have elected her as president of the student council.

As an ISCS student, Maram has grown as an individual and developed strong relationships with both classmates and teachers. Her experiences at ISCS has helped her nurture her personality and enhance her livelihood.

Maram aims to make ISCS a second home for students by working hard to achieve a balance between academic excellence and opportunities for self-expression. She promises this year will be unforgettable and extraordinary.

ISCS Student Governor – Boys

Zyad Mohamed Elmosalamy

ISCS Student Governor – Boys

Zyad identifies as someone who was raised to be independent, make his own decisions and bear their consequences. This enabled him to be a confident leader and an influential figure in the community since he joined ISCS in the fourth grade. Evidently, Zyad was elected president of the student council by his colleagues and teachers.

Zyad's passion for economics gave him the ability to analyze critically and recognize that there are many valuable perspectives to every subject. As a result, he became a strong advocate for the right to engage in meaningful discussions. He also aspires to lead a positive change in the world and become part of a great generation of leaders.

Zyad understands that school is essentially a second home for not only students but also teachers and staff members, an institution that thousands of families entrust with their loved ones. Therefore, his leadership model revolves around ensuring the well-being of all stakeholders and providing them with the assistance needed for internal and external issues.

Parent Governor

Nada Al Mahdi

Parent Governor

Nada has been involved with the International School of Creative Science in Muwaileh since 2012 as a parent. Having a Bachelor's Degree in Science, Biology, and specialised in Zoology, from the University of Cairo, Nada started her career as a lab technician in Sudan for two years, before finding her passion in teaching, and education.

With over 10 years of experience as a secondary level, Science and Biology Teacher, across British, American, and MOE curricula, Nada has evolved within the school to join the PTA of ISCS Muwaileh, since 2016.

This year, Nada had been selected as the schoolwide Chairperson for the secondary division, and the Parent Council. During the time as a PTA member, being a teacher and a parent, Nada helped create a better judgement for the calls made in the PTA meetings.

As a PTA member, Nada has organised various activities that target the students, parents and the society, such as, hosting seminars for Digital Safety, charitable campaigns in partnership with Sharjah Charity Society, as well as organising reading and handicraft clubs.

Staff Governor

Manoucheca Romelus

Staff Governor

Manoucheca joined the International School of Creative Science in August 2009 and has been highly committed to advancing the educational prowess of students, and finding ways to raise curriculum standards.

Having taught many grades at the primary level as a Class Teacher and English Teacher, her journey as a middle leader started in her fourth year at ISCS. First, as the grade three team leader, then as an English HOD assistant, leading up to her current role as the Primary English coordinator.

Manoucheca looks forward to being a positive representative of the governing body, aspiring to effectively contribute to the strategic management of the school, by providing interesting and innovative ideas.

Governor of Data Protection

Mr. Mohamed S. Sadawy

Governor of Data Protection

A result-driven, multi-award-winning IT professional, from the United Arab Emirates, with over 23 years of experience leading large teams, Mohamed Sadawy is currently the Group Head of I.T, for the Bukhatir Group, where he also manages the technology stack, at the Creative Science Schools, adding to his successful track record of business transformations and optimization, for local, multinational and F500 companies, across North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

At the Creative Science Schools, Mr. Sadawy has overseen the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure students are safeguarded from malicious cyber activities, along with providing parents with complete visibility on students’ academic progress, attendance, and school activities. Mr. Sadawy holds both, a Bachelor’s, and a Master’s of Science, from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in the United States, and is a member of Etisalat’s RPA Advisory Board and the Hyper-Grid Customer Advisory Board. Furthermore, Mr. Sadawy has been the recipient of various awards, for project management, leadership skills and work ethics.