Academic Facilities

Strategically Designed Campus Facilities


In recent years, several studies have been published regarding the effect a school's facility has on students' learning. Below you'll find some of these findings, highlighting the positive effects our well-maintained facilities have on student achievement and test scores.


The classrooms are the centre of learning and have been designed to support the optimal movement, stimulating learning environment, and several activity stations with immediate outdoor access to an engineered garden. Our classrooms are fitted with the latest computers, Interactive White Boards, to encourage creativity with the integration of technology so that the students internalise the concept of “thinking out of the box”. This coupled with our strong educational standards and quality teaching practices ensures our children find classroom learning fun and engaging.


Every child needs a special and comfortable space to explore his/her limitless boundaries of imagination. Our well-resourced library with its attractive layout is an ideal motivator for our young researchers. The library contains an extensive range of valuable books which are carefully selected to suit children of all ages and motivate them to read and seek more knowledge.

ICT Room

In this ever-changing world of technological advancement, ISCS embraces digital learning by using the latest technologies and software, giving its students a competitive edge by making ICT cross-curricular and integrated across all areas of their learning. We believe in a generation of digital natives who have the world at their fingertips; as a result, we provide our students with the best digital resources. In addition to their class devices, students use dedicated computer labs to keep themselves abreast of using technology in their daily lives.

Innovation Kitchen Lab

At ISCS, in addition to the academic development of our students, we also believe in polishing the aesthetic skills of our students. This includes basic culinary classes that teach them hygiene etiquettes, as well as integrating innovation concepts to develop creative and critical thinking skills.

Science Lab

A room dedicated for students to design, experiment, discover, and invent as they deeply engage in the scientific thinking process.

Effective Learning Provisions:

At ISCS our Effective Learning Provision room has been created to provide an optimised environment for learners with special educational needs and disabilities. Special education teachers in an effective learning provision room focus on particular goals as mandated by an IEP and remedial general education curriculum. The sessions emphasise the development of executive skills, academic skills and behaviour. The day-to-day demands of these spaces are kept in mind to ensure that pupils, no matter what challenges they face, are able to get the most from an engaging, stimulating and accommodating learning environment.

Key considerations

  1. The four key areas are considered to be able to cater to a range of needs and disabilities i.e. 
    1. Cognition and learning 
    2. Behavioural, emotional and social
    3. Communication and interaction 
    4. Sensory and/or physical 
  2. Individual needs of students
  3. Accessibility
  4. Flexible or multi-use space.

Key Features

  1. Adequate learning space
  2. Specialised furniture
  3. Multisensory resources and specialised equipment
  4. Sensory space
  5. Designated space for individual and small group work
  6. Library/resources space
  7. Assistive technology
  8. Quiet corner - to rest or calm down