Our Leadership

Leadership at The International School of Creative Science - Muwaileh

The leadership consists of professionals carefully selected for their experience, knowledge, and skills providing high-quality educational outcomes to a diverse student body. Our school leaders are all experienced in British or International schools. Their vision and sense of purpose are critical to lighting the way forward for our students and teachers. All leaders take great pride in being of service to the learning community as a whole and at the heart of the work they do is always the keen sense of awareness of evaluating the impact they are having on students and their learning, and it is this commitment to impact that drives them to make student-centred decisions.


The staff at ISCS are carefully selected from the international educational community for their experience and dedication to the vision and mission of the school.

Committed to continuously achieving excellence in a dynamic world, all teaching staff at ISCS are required to participate in the school’s Continuing Professional Development program that is organised by the in-house training and development centre. This ensures staff remains abreast with the latest developments in education and teaching techniques to provide the most effective educational experience possible for our students.