Fees structure

Fees Structure

Registration fee: (for new enrolment only) A registration deposit of AED 500 is to be paid immediately after enrollment. This deposit is adjusted against the first term tuition fee. However, if the child does not join, the deposit is non-refundable and hence not refunded.

Please note that the registration of the students will be cancelled if they fail to join the school within the first 2 weeks of the academic year without notifying the Registration Dept. in writing.

To review the ISCS fees for the current academic year, kindly refer to the table below:

Grades Tuition Fee
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Total
Pre KG / FS 1 8,896 6,672 6,672 22,240
KG 1/FS 2 8,896 6,672 6,672 22,240
KG 2 / Year 1 9,020 6,765 6,765 22,550
Grade 1 / Year 2 10,576 7,932 7,932 26,440
Grade 2 / Year 3 10,576 7,932 7,932 26,440
Grade 3 / Year 4 10,576 7,932 7,932 26,440
Grade 4 / Year 5 11,972 8,979 8,979 29,930
Grade 5 / Year 6 11,972 8,979 8,979 29,930
Grade 6 / Year 7 11,972 8,979 8,979 29,930
Grade 7 / Year 8 14,412 10,809 10,809 36,030
Grade 8 / Year 9 14,412 10,809 10,809 36,030
Grade 9 / Year 10 14,412 10,809 10,809 36,030
Grade 10 / Year 11 15,840 11,880 11,880 39,600
Grade 11/ Year 12 15,840 11,880 11,880 39,600
Grade 12/ Year 13 17,356 13,017 13,017 43,390


  • External Exam fees are charged separately.
  • Tuition fee for any late enrolment will be calculated according to the Ministry of Education rules and regulations.

Transportation Fees

  Dubai Sharjah Ajman
One-way trip (per annum) AED 4,800 AED 4,500 AED 4,600
Two-way trip (per annum) AED 5,800 AED 5,500 AED 5,600

Fee Collection Policy

  • Payments should be made either by cash or cheque.
  • For Payment through cheques, the following should be taken into consideration:
    • All cheques must be made out in the name of "International School of Creative Science PVT per person Company LLC"
    • If there is a need to withdraw a post-dated cheque issued to the school, a written intimation is to be provided along with the exact amount of cash to the school accounts department at least 2 weeks before the cheque due date.
  • School tuition fee: First term fee (first instalment) is to be paid in Cash or Current Dated Cheque. The second and third instalment has to be paid through post dated cheques along with the first instalment.
  • Deposit for Canteen (if opted for) has to be paid along with the first instalment of tuition fee. This deposit is adjusted according to the canteen usage and has to be replenished from time to time.The balance amount of deposit, ifany, will be carried forward to the next academic year or refunded in case of withdrawal.
  • Uniform fees can be paid in cash or by card based on items purchased.
  • Parents who benefit from tuition fee coverage through their place of employment are required to submit a confirmation letter from their respective organisation, together with a security cheque issued from their personal account, and are required to arrange the payment from their office within 30 days, as per above payment plan.

Delay in payment of fees during the year may result in action taken by the school management as per the rules set by the Ministry of Education.

Cancellation (Withdrawal) Policy:

Cancellation of Registration (Withdrawal) Request Form should be filled by the parent and submitted to the Registration Department.

Refund of Tuition Fees:

Refund will be processed as per the Ministry of Education rules and regulations, which are as follows:

  • One full month fees will be charged if the child attends the school for two weeks or less in a term.
  • Two full months’ fees will be charged if the child attends the school for more than two weeks and less than one month in a term.
  • Full term fees will be charged if the child attends the school for more than one month in a term.

Refund of other Fees:

  • Fees for school books and uniforms are non-refundable.
  • Discounts: Discounts are not applicable in case of cancellation of registration during the academic year.

Transportation cancellation and refund policy:

  • Cancellation request form should be submitted in writing to the Transport Department.
  • Upon the approval of the Transport Department, the copy with the complete details of period/facility availed by the student shall be submitted to the Accounts Department.
  • Refunds will be processed as per the Ministry of Education rules and regulations applicable to tuition fees.

Please Note:

  • Fee refunds shall only be made once ALL dues are settled.
  • Any refund will require twelve (12) working days after all the relevant papers are submitted to the Accounts Department by the parents.

Renewal Process:

An intimation regarding the renewal process will be sent to the parents every January by School Management.

  • In order to reserve a place for existing students for the upcoming academic year, a non-refundable deposit of AED 500 per child should be paid before the end of February. This amount will be adjusted against the first term tuition fee for the next academic year.
  • The Management reserves the right to reject/accept any request. In case where the school management does not renew a student's application, the full amount will be refunded.
  • School Reports and transfer certificates (as applicable) will ONLY be released to the parents after settlement of all the dues pertaining to their children.

We kindly request you to provide the Registration Department With the Original Emirates ID cards of the student and both Parents, the card will be scanned through an authorised card reader device provided to the school to update the student’s data on SPEA database, and kindly provide a copy of the documents renewed (Visa & Passport).

Additional Discounts

ISCS offers an outstanding scholarships and discounts program.

Sibling Discount
1st Child 0%
2nd Child 5%
3rd Child 10%
4th Child 15%
5th Child & above 20%
Quran Memorization
(on net fees)
20-29 Juz' 15%
Full Memorization 25%
Referral Discount
(on net fees) (on the youngest child fees)
1 Child Referred 5%
2 Children Referred 7.5%
3 & above Children Referred 10%
GL Progress Test
(from Gr 3 to 9) (on net fees)
GL High Achiever up-to 75%