Health and Safety

Health and Safety Precautionary Measures

At BEAM’s Creative Science schools, student safety is paramount. In collaboration with health and safety partners, and including disinfecting agents, we uncompromisingly maintain our campus in full compliance with the UAE local authorities.
In our efforts to ensure the wellbeing of our school community, our academic teams provide in-person and distance learning education, in a safe, and happy learning environment.


Rigorous cleaning and disinfection practices are being undertaken in addition to the thorough cleaning activities that take place during night shifts and on weekends.

State-of-the-art temperature/health check scanners at each entry point.

Automatic and manual sanitizer dispensers are spread around the school, including classrooms and offices.

BYOD (bring your own device) policy was enforced for students, obligating them to use personal gadgets and accessories at school.

Breaks are alternated and canteen food orders will be packed and delivered to all classrooms.

Clinic policy has been updated according to the current situation and emergency plans are in place, including the arrangement of isolation rooms.

Critical illness declaration and travel declaration has been made mandatory for all.

Foot-operated dustbins are circulated throughout the classrooms and corridors to dispose of contaminated personal protective items and objects.

Staggered and advanced drop-off/pick-up procedures have been implemented.

Informative child-friendly posters have been incorporated inside the school corridors and classrooms, to educate and develop a culture of safety amongst students.

Social Distance
Plan & Personal

The number of students in each standard classroom has been reduced to maintain the proper standards of physical distancing. Each cohort of children is split into small groups.

The classrooms have been arranged to conform to social distancing rules and the school is following all current guidance from the local authorities to ensure the safety of everyone at the school.

Floor markings that promote physical distancing in corridors, classrooms, receptions, and other common areas are in place.

Personal protective items are mandatory for all, as per the guidance from KHDA / SPEA and other local authorities. This includes wearing masks and face shields where applicable.



The school reduced the bus-seating capacity as announced by local authorities and firmly adheres to any updates in that regard.

The temperature of each child is checked before they get on the bus in the morning and checked again when arriving at the school.

Comprehensive EHS training is provided to all transport personnel prior to the beginning of the year.

Thorough, daily cleaning of the buses is carried out at the end of the day.

Disinfection of the buses is undertaken after each trip.


  • Parents can use the parent portal for up-to-date information about their kids and school activities.
  • Parents can use the parent portal to access timetables, exam results, school reports, attendance reports, homework, weekly plans, clinic reports and visits, and more.
  • The uniform purchase portal is available to enable the online purchasing of uniforms and will also include a size chart and home delivery options.
  • For fee payment, parents can use the parent portal, while the Hot Oven mobile app will be at the parents’ disposal to manage canteen accounts online, allowing parents to view the school’s canteen menu, select/pre-order meals, and pay their canteen fees, from the comfort of their homes.

Our Students Back in a
Healthy & Safe Environment

Ataullah Parkar

Principal (ISCS Nad Al Sheba)

From the Principal

The previous two academic years have required the school community to show resilience in maintaining the health and safety of all, whilst prioritising the continuity of learning. Whilst the ‘new normal’ is now embedded, we should reflect on how much we have collectively achieved in adapting to the necessary changes in such a short period of time.

The implementation of best practice health and safety measures have ensured that students have transitioned back into full face to face learning, rebuilding friendships and collaboration that is so rich in our classrooms.

Tips & Advises From
Our Health
& Safety Manager


Health and Safety Manager, Bukhatir Education

We encourage frequent and correct hand hygiene—particularly after sneezing or coughing, before and after eating, after sensory play, and after going to the washrooms. We educate the children to cough and sneeze into their sleeves, (not their hands) or use tissues to shield their faces. The cleaning staff performs a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, especially on the frequently touched areas such as doorknobs, stair rails, telephones, computer keyboards, and bathroom faucets and fixtures throughout our school, on a daily routine.

Remember cold and influenza are the most contagious during the first 48 hours. Monitor your children to determine if it is safe to send them to school as your child should be physically able to participate in all school activities on return to school. Keeping a sick child at home will help minimise the spread of infections and viruses in the classroom. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our school community as healthy as possible.

Frequently Asked

If any student or member of staff is suspected COVID-19 case, he/she will be immediately taken to the school’s isolation room. Only the school’s clinic staff are permitted to enter the isolation room and only if wearing full PPE. If a student, the parents will be contacted immediately by the school doctor and the required authorities will be notified. The school will strictly adhere to the health authority requirements for managing and transferring any suspected cases of COVID-19. All areas that may have been accessed by a suspected case will be immediately closed and thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitised. In addition, tentative tracing will be conducted to identify those who may have come into contact with the case should the test result come back positive.

If a positive case is confirmed, the relevant individual will immediately self-isolate for 14 days, while the school leadership and medical team will notify and work with health authorities to identify those that have come in close contact with the positive case. Any close contacts will be contacted by the school’s principal to advise that they stay in self-isolation for 14 days. It is therefore critical that the contact details on file with the school are accurate and up to date. Sanitization of all exposed areas in the school will also be carried out.

As defined by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, a close contact is anyone who has been in close proximity – a distance of less than two metres – to a positive case for longer than 15 minutes. Contact tracing will begin from two days before the onset of symptoms for symptomatic cases, or from the day on which the sample of a positive PCR test result was taken for asymptomatic cases.

Anyone required to self-isolate must stay at home for 14 days, during which time they should monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19. If they develop symptoms, they should seek medical advice immediately and get a PCR test. If the individual does then test positive, they must notify their school immediately.

After self-isolating for a full 14 days, the individual should report to their school’s health clinic, but only if they are symptom-free. Our medical team will assess them for signs and symptoms and, if cleared, the individual will be permitted to rejoin school.

Anyone returning to school after a positive test result must present a de-isolation certificate from their local health authority if they reside in Sharjah or Dubai, or two consecutive negative PCR results if they reside in Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah. Upon receiving the required de-isolation report or negative PCR, the individual must then report to their school’s clinic for assessment, to make sure they are clear of signs and symptoms, after which they will be permitted to rejoin school.

We are all responsible and must all do our part to continue to follow fundamental safety practices that include wearing face masks, practising social distancing, observing good hand hygiene practices, and staying at home if feeling unwell.

All staff wear full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and follow a strict process of regular hand washing, replacing disposable items, and social distancing. Each cleaning staff member undergoes a compulsory temperature check at their accommodation.

Yes, all visitors to schools undergo a temperature check upon arrival, carried out by security guards or thermal scanners placed at various locations in the school. Those with a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius are not permitted to enter. This applies to all cleaners, contractors, etc.

We follow the highest health and safety standards, as per the local authorities, which are in line with the WHO and CDC standards as well.

Yes, the school has a dedicated team called “COVID-19 Taskforce”, with members including but are not limited to the following departments within the school, concerned for building and facilities, health and safety, school clinic’s medical staff, communication, and partnerships with parents, student affairs, human resources and school academic affairs (curriculum and teaching).