Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to build resilient, grounded learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be responsible and effective members of the community, locally and internationally, guided by a moral compass, rooted in faith, and in doing so transform life in a way which supports positive outcomes for our students.

The curriculum will enable our learners to be confident, courageous members of the world, whose voices are heard and who are prepared and able to tackle the barriers that may limit them in fulfilling their ambitions.

The curriculum we create, and implement is one which is inspiring, supportive, and inclusive. It focusses on sequencing learning at each phase, in line with the UK National curriculum, UAE Ministry of Education curriculum and bespoke, holistic learning opportunities based on the school’s international context. This takes students from their unique starting points to a platform from which they may succeed in higher education and the workplace.

It is responsive to our diverse and evolving context. High aspiration is at the heart of our school intention to foster academic excellence rooted in values.

At ISCS our intent is for the curriculum to ensure that all our learners’ needs are supported so that they can most importantly develop as young people who are well equipped to enter the workplace, whilst building their skill sets in:

Subject Concepts

These are the knowledge, understanding and skills which are central to each child’s progress, focussing on a range of subjects specified within the National Curriculum and beyond. Students are immersed in a range of subjects ensuring a breadth of experiences to enable our students to become confident adults. Each curriculum area has defined a specific subject curriculum intent which can be found in subject long term plans.

Personal Skills and Virtues

Personal skills and virtues are identified within our curriculum, to enable students to develop themselves as human beings and aim for mastery beyond the subject concepts. This will support students to become rounded individuals who can develop their own thinking and ideas, face challenges and lead and work with others. We focus on the following personal skills and virtues:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Tolerance
  • Courage
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility
  • Reasoning
  • Reflection
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness

Employability Skills

To enable our students to be successful within the work place, our curriculum develops a range of employability skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Global Citizenship
  • Growth Mindset (‘Grit’)
  • Communication

Literacy and Numeracy

  • These are the cornerstones of learning across the curriculum and are fundamental skills necessary to enable students to unlock their potential and access the world.
  • The development and promotion of Oracy is a key part of the curriculum and is inherent in the culture of the region
  • Fluency and confidence with numbers help students apply their learning to everyday contexts, supporting the development of financial literacy


Learning should not be limited to lessons but can be accessed through a range of activities linked to subject concepts and outside of curriculum areas. These extra-curricular opportunities are designed to support and enhance the learning of our students and provide positive memorable experiences.