Local Governing Board

The Principal of ISCS Nad Al Sheba has responsibility for the leadership of the school, the strategic direction linked to the aims of the school and governors as well as those of the National Agenda and UAE Vision 2021.

The governance structure falls into two parts; the Board of Trustees which includes the CEO, DCEO members from BEAM and others invited by the Chairman, and the School Board of Governors who represent all stakeholders including parents, community and staff.

Parents and community members are encouraged to be members of the School Governing Body. In their capacity, they can help shape the school’s future direction and ensure a strong connection and sense of community between the school’s leadership and parents.

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Chair of Governors

Hesham Abdeen

Chair of Governors

“Schools with high levels of trust and collaboration between teachers and administrators retain good teachers and get better student outcomes.”

Having worked in education for 28 years, most recently as Head of Accreditation and Evaluations at BEAM and previously as an Academic Advisor for a group of American and British Schools in Al Ain, Mr. Hesham has a thorough understanding of the sector from early years to higher education. Two of his five children are currently at ISCS and lived in Al Ain then Sharjah since 1995, having a personal interest in the success of schools and the local community, he is delighted to have the opportunity to utilise his professional skills and experience and parental knowledge to support the staff and children at their education.

Mr. Hesham enjoys applying his skills and experience in education and quality assurance to inform an external, objective perspective to challenge and support the continuing progress and development of the School.

The Local Governing Board, in collaboration with the school leadership and Governing Body will work hard to ensure that our children are provided with the best possible opportunities to thrive in a safe environment. “The time our children spend in schools has an enormous impact on their future life opportunities. That is why if we think learning is the product of teaching, we need to reimagine that as learning is the product of all learners’ activities. So, let’s look at our learners as the creators of how they can learn, with full autonomy and independence. That’s why we need to inspire and educate learners for life” -Hesham Abdeen, Head of Accreditation and Evaluations.

Executive Principal

Mr. Ataullah Parkar

Executive Principal

Mr. Ataullah is the Executive Principal at the Creative Science Schools in Dubai. Mr. Ataullah has been a Senior Leader in schools for over a decade, including being a Head Teacher in the United Kingdom. Ataullah has led ISCS through multiple inspections, including the most recent 2019 KHDA inspection where the school was rated Good with Very Good and Outstanding features. In the same year, the school achieved Good with Outstanding ratings from the British Schools Overseas, registering the school as an International British school with the Department for Education, UK.

Mr. Ataullah has led the Virtues programme across BEAM schools, an integrated approach which promotes faith-based virtues within the curriculum.

Prior to working as a Head Teacher, Mr. Ataullah has worked within the strategic education departments of multiple local authorities in the UK, as a board member of the Association of Muslim Schools UK, and as a Policy Manager for Ofqual; advising the UK government on vocational and GCSE qualification reforms.

Mr. Ataullah completed his National Professional Qualification for Head Teachers in 2017, and completed his National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders in 2022. He has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Leadership and Management. Ataullah teaches the social sciences and is passionate about liberal arts education.

Mr. Farhaan Abdulla Patel


Mr. Farhaan Abdulla Patel has been working in the education field for almost twenty years, having held a wide array of positions in the sector. His core belief is that ‘educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’

Mr. Patel joined ISCS Nad Al Sheba in April 2018 as Head of Primary. During his time as headteacher of the Primary school, he led on key developments in teaching and learning, reading and monitoring and evaluation.

He was appointed as Vice-Principal in December 2019 and has since worked on setting ambitious targets for school improvement and worked with teams to ensure these come to fruition, God Willing. Mr. Patel continues to lead on cultivating a culture where passionate and inspired teachers are given the space and support to perfect their 'craft' so that they grow students who think critically, are grounded in the school's core values and achieve their full potential.

Vice Chair

Ms. Samar Khalid

Vice Chair

Mrs. Samar Khalid Murad is an experienced academic professional with 17 years of educational leadership expertise and a proven track record of setting strategic directions and promoting the ambitious visions of educational institutes. Mrs. Samar has successfully implemented the English National Curriculum, the Common Core standards, and UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah schools.

Mrs. Samar has worked with reputed schools across the UAE and has earned professional recognition for successfully founding a school and establishing it to become a successful practice within just two years.

In her current role, which she has held since August 2016, Samar has been working with stakeholders to uphold the school’s mission and achieve its vision by establishing a school-wide consistent approach and reliable line of communication. With the required vision, enthusiasm, and resilience required to lead an institute of a purposeful learning culture, Mrs. Samar has been effective in promoting an inclusive culture in the education system.

Mrs. Samar is a chairperson of Sharjah Private Schools Principals Council. She holds a Master’s Degree in applied linguistics with distinction from Lebanon and a Master’s degree in business administration from USA. She is currently enrolled in NPQH programme for her UK national qualification of Headship.

Mrs. Murad was bestowed the BEAM most Dynamic Principal Award in the academic year 2017—2018 and 2018-2019 in row. She contributed fruitfully at a national level to planning for Sharjah Private Schools improvement and other National projects.

Community Governor

Mr. Moosa Khoory

Community Governor

Mr. Moosa Khoory is currently Head of Sharia at Dubai Islamic Bank and holds Master’s Degree in Islamic Law & Legal Theory from University of Sharjah.

Mr. Moosa Khoory is a TEDx youth speaker on “Aligning Students’ Life Purpose to Future Careers”, author of “Alignment of Life Purpose to Corporate Strategy”, trainer of the Public #GOALS Workshop, and life coach for many school and university students, youth and adults. He was awarded the 1st Place in “What’s Your Wild Idea” in a Global Summit, and his program has been recognized by global companies, consultants and leaders.

Community Governor

Mr. Abdul Chohan

Community Governor

Mr. Abdul Chohan is the Vice President of Learning at Showbie Inc. A teacher of 20 years and the Co-founder of a Free School in the UK. He was also the former Principal and CEO of a Multi Academy Trust based in the UK.

Mr. Abdul Chohan is known for his pioneering work on mobile based learning at Essa Academy, Bolton, UK. Since then he has worked with a number of international educational organisations as well as devising learning strategies based on mobile technology platforms.

In addition to this he is also the Director of ThinkSimple Ltd which is a thought leadership organisation that provides support to schools and Ministries of Education around the world.

Parent Governor

Mr. Osaid Shaiq

Parent Governor

Mr. Osaid is an experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist, who possesses the unique set of skills that help bridge the gap between visionary leadership and ongoing operations of the business. Mr. Osaid is also a certified Project Manager, who operates as an independent consultant of Supply Chain Management and Business Transformations.

Mr. Osaid's aim is to contribute with his acquired skills and knowledge to the success of this organisation.

Parent Governor

Mr. Khalid Agiza

Parent Governor

Mr. Khalid is a parent of 3 Children and appreciates the values that school is providing to his children and feels that it is a responsibility to give back to the school community through his skills, knowledge and experience.

Mr. Khalid is a solution architect at IBM with over 15 years of experience and a certified trainer for IBM (Present with eminence, Present to win and Consultation techniques) to support millennials and junior engineers on their career-path progressions.

Mr. Khalid participated in several projects to develop enterprise architecture for customers in government and financial sectors which involved the development of building blocks that drives organisation’s progress and compliance with the defined mission, vision and values.

Parent Governor

Mr. Ammar Ahmed

Parent Governor

Mr. Ammar is an Islamic finance professional, working for Dubai Islamic Bank and Dar Al Sharia Islamic Finance Consultancy and has been living and working in Dubai with his family since July 2008. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, with honours as well as a MBA.

As part of his professional work he advises on Sharia compliant banking strategy, governance, product development, capital market transactions, corporate finance and restructuring transactions, IPOs, private equity investments. Mr. Ammar is a member of the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) and is a Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA).

In addition, he is a passionate trainer, who delivered hundreds of courses for professional development of executives on various topics in Islamic finance domain across various countries. Further, he also taught Islamic finance modules for Postgraduate students at several universities in UAE.

Mr. Ammar, along with his family, firmly believes in ISCS’s educational approach, as four of his five children are students at ISCS - Nad Al Sheba.

Staff Governor

Ms. Farah Louarradi

Staff Governor

Ms. Farrah is the Head of the Foundation Stage and an FS1 teacher, she has worked in the field of education for 18 years.

Ms. Farrah has a Bachelor of Arts in Social work from the University of East London, a CELTA (Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults) certification and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education with an Early Years specialism, from the University of North London. She is also currently finishing her National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders (NPQSL).

Ms. Farrah has a strong passion for language; Personal Social and Emotional Development and is committed to the promotion of inclusive education and encouraging positive learning techniques across diverse learning communities. Her professional interests focus on literacy and language development amongst EAL learners, primarily in the early years. She has a recognised dedication to ensuring our students succeed and fulfil their potential.

Abdel Rahmane Marir

Abdel Rahmane Marir is a highly qualified British teacher with a wealth of experience spanning both Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2). With an in-depth understanding of curriculum expectations, he brings a comprehensive perspective to the educational landscape. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s in educational leadership and management at the University of Buckingham, UK.

At the core of his educational philosophy is a firm belief in the paramount importance of education. He advocates for inclusivity and promotes diversity with a profound sense of respect for all individuals. A proponent of data-driven decision-making, he actively engages in examining data to identify learning gaps and is committed to addressing these gaps to support children who may face challenges in accessing curriculum outcomes and meeting expectations.

He is passionate about tailoring teaching and learning strategies based on the unique needs of each child. He also recognises the significance of adapting approaches to ensure an inclusive and effective learning environment. His commitment to fostering a culture of learning is underscored by his belief that education is a transformative force that empowers individuals and enriches communities.

Nadeen Owaysi

Nadeen Owaysi is a seasoned pharmaceutical industry professional and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Specializing in medical management, including clinical research, compliance, and quality management, she has a proven track record of success.

In her role as a quality management leader, Nadeen has developed and implemented robust processes, earning recognition for her ability to identify and mitigate quality risks. She excels in auditing internal and external suppliers, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Nadeen is not only dedicated to her professional role but also passionate about community impact. Believing in the power of education, she actively volunteers with the Parents-Teachers Association at her children's school, working towards higher quality education and the overall well-being of students.

In summary, Nadeen Owaysi is a highly motivated and accomplished professional dedicated to making a positive impact in both her professional and community roles.

Asmaa Chhipa

Asmaa Chhipa, an ardent educational enthusiast and ISCS family member since 2019, holds a postgraduate degree from SP Jain School of Global Management, specializing in Human Resource Management and Finance. With a passion for driving positive change, she boasts a rich background in Human Resources, excelling in talent management, recruitment, training, and staff well-being.

Having made impactful contributions, from organizing career fairs to leading a Shariah-compliant hospitality chain in Dubai, Asmaa has temporarily stepped away from the corporate world to focus on her family and children. Renowned for her professionalism, personal integrity, and contagious passion for excellence, she is recognized by clients, colleagues, and friends alike.

Currently dedicated to nurturing her family, Asmaa aspires to introduce academic initiatives at the school, aiming to provide our children with the best Islamic and worldly knowledge and skills to confidently face the world.