The Principal of the International School of Creative Science – Muwaileh is responsible for the leadership of the school, the strategic direction linked to the aims of the school and governors as well as those of the National Agenda and UAE Vision 2021.

Parents and community members are encouraged to be members of the School Governing Body. In their capacity, they can help shape the School’s future direction and ensure a strong connection and sense of community between the School’s leadership and parents.

Hesham Abdeen (Chair of Governors)

“Schools with high levels of trust and collaboration between teachers and administrators retain good teachers and get better student outcomes.”

Having worked in education for 28 years, most recently as Head of Accreditation and Evaluations at BEAM and previously as an Academic Advisor for a group of American and British Schools in Al Ain, Mr. Hesham has a thorough understanding of the sector from early years to higher education. Two of his five children are currently at ISCS and lived in Al Ain then Sharjah since 1995, having a personal interest in the success of schools and the local community, he is delighted to have the opportunity to utilize his professional skills and experience and parental knowledge to support the staff and children at their education.

Mr. Hesham enjoys applying his skills and experience in education and quality assurance to inform an external, objective perspective to challenge and support the continuing progress and development of the School.

The Local Governing Board, in collaboration with the school leadership and Governing Body will work hard to ensure that our children are provided with the best possible opportunities to thrive in a safe environment.

“The time our children spend in schools has an enormous impact on their future life opportunities. That is why if we think learning is the product of teaching, we need to reimagine that as learning is the product of all learners’ activities. So, let’s look at our learners as the creators of how they can learn, with full autonomy and independence. That’s why we need to inspire and educate learners for life” -Hesham Abdeen, Head of Accreditation and Evaluations.

Mrs. Majd C. Hussain (Vice Chair of Governors)

Majd C. Hussain With over 28 years of experience in educational administration, leadership, and management from various British and American curriculum schools in the US, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, Mrs. Majd C. Hussain is the founding Principal of the American School of Creative Science Maliha. Mrs. Majd graduated with a Bachelors in English Literature from Carthage College in Wisconsin, US and received a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education & Leadership Management from the University of Gloucestershire, UK. She strives to create a learning community that fosters excellence, creativity, leadership, collaboration and tolerance. She has garnered numerous prestigious awards including the Most Inspiring CEO Award (2015), Employer of Choice Award (2015) and Chairman’s Choice "Rising Star" Award (2014), from the Bukhatir Group Management Excellence Awards.

Samar Khalid Murad (Principal)

Samar Khalid Murad A passionate Principal of 13 years of educational leadership and 8 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Samar Murad has always inspired leaders at all levels in different settings to drive schools in a clear strategic direction that promotes ambitious vision. Her experience in leading NEASC and CIS Accreditation process has driven schools to improve their practices and achieve the desired outcomes of accreditation and inspection authorities.

Mrs. Murad was privileged enough to work with multinational professionals and gain experience in implementing the English National Curriculum, the Common Core standards and UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

She is visionary and possesses enthusiasm, resilience and commitment to lead a school of a purposeful learning culture with main focus on developing, educating and nurturing global leaders of faith, humanity, learning and life. She is highly committed to the UAE national agenda and ISCS vison, mission and values.

Mrs. Murad led ISCS to achieve a very successful MOE Evaluation outcomes in the academic year 2017-2018.

Mrs. Murad was bestowed the BEAM most Dynamic Principal Award in the academic year 2017—2018 and 2018-2019 in row. She contributed fruitfully at a national level to planning for Sharjah Private Schools improvement and other National projects.

Under her leadership, the school received the Sharjah Award for Education Excellence, as the “Most Distinguished School” from Sharjah Education Council. She earned a number of appreciation awards at the national and inter-schools’ levels.

Mrs. Samar is a chairperson of Sharjah Private Schools Principals Council. She holds a Master’s Degree in applied linguistics with distinction from Lebanon and a Master’s degree in business administration from USA. She is currently enrolled in NPQH programme for her UK national qualification of Headship.

Mrs. Serwat Londe ( Governor member)

Serwat Londe Mrs. Serwat Londe has been an educator since 2001. She is an expert in interacting with children to develop their skills and personalities to facilitate their learning.

Mrs. Serwat joined the International School of Creative Science in 2004 and declares she is still fully immersed in working towards "excellence rooted in values." In addition to teaching, she has taken on other roles such as being on the teachers' committee and editing the staff newsletter. Currently, Mrs. Serwat is one of the impact coaches for staff on the school's Visible Learning journey and also serves as an ambassador to the Lower Primary for the BEAM Virtues Program.

She is also a volunteer at the Dubai Women's Association, ‘Project You’ from Expo 2020 and a regular participant of educational workshops and lectures.

As much as she enjoys being a part of an establishment whose vision and mission echoes her own, by being one of the governors, she hopes to enhance the school's role in benefitting our precious students, dedicated parents, amazing colleagues and society at large. She believes that she is one of those truly blessed people who get to earn by doing what they love to do!

Dr. Afiz Ogun (Governor member)

Afiz Ogun Dr. Afiz Ogun has been an educator for over 30 years, with experience of teaching UK, American, Australian and Indian Curriculum and a qualified Dentist. However, Dr. Afiz did not feel the dental profession was meeting his desire and passion in making a difference to the society as teaching does and has therefore decided to dedicate his life to teaching and have not looked back since.

His teaching and learning journey at ISCS started 13 years ago, when he first joined as a Science teacher and was part of the initial Secondary team when the Secondary phase first opened. As a result, he had the privilege to witness first-hand all of the different changes that have occurred over the years in pursuit of continuous drive of excellence for our students.

"Students continue to come first", this personal motto of his stands to date and has had the pleasure of seeing his students truly become International students, attaining success globally and upholding the moral values instilled in them during their time at ISCS. This drive, dedication and passion for teaching was recognized and honoured when Dr. Afiz received the first ever Nujoom Award for ‘Best Practitioner’ and ‘The Educator of the Year’s awards.

For two years in a row now, his students receive the Pearson Award for Highest Mark in Physics (iGCSE) in all of Middle East, thus demonstrating academic excellence.

Mrs. Mona Al Zaabi (Parent Governor)

Mona Al Zaabi Mrs. Mona Al Zaabi is a parent of three children attending the International School of Creative Science in Muwaileh. Prior to becoming a Governor at the school, she has been actively involved in the Parents Teacher Association (PTA).

She has experience in the education field, from being an English teacher for the primary stage, to holding a post as a Research Fellow at the Centre of Educational Testing, Measurement and Evaluation and a curriculum member in the Curriculum Centre in the Ministry of Education. Whilst working in the Ministry of Education, she carried out training programmes for English teachers amongst the government schools in the UAE.

Mrs. Mona holds a master’s degree in Education and Educational Studies from Deakin University in Australia, and a diploma in Curriculum Development and Design from Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University.

Mrs. Humaira Mohammed Naseem (Parent Governor)

Humaira Mohammed Naseem Mrs. Humaira Naseem has been a parent in ISCS Muwalileh since 2007, her eldest child graduated from ISCS in 2016. She is now serving as Parent Governor, as well as Chairperson for the Parent-Teacher Association of the Secondary School since September 2017.

Currently, Mrs. Humaira works at Noble Quran and Sunnah Establishment in Sharjah, where she is well known for teaching Quran and Tajweed Science in Arabic, English and Urdu to a culturally diverse group of students of varying ages. Certified by the Directorate of Human Resources, Government of Sharjah in “Art of Dealing with People”, she has been able to improve professionally and personally. As a result, she was successfully able to deliver a four weeks Tajweed Science crash-course to the staff of the establishment. To further enhance her capacity, Mrs. Humaira completed few other courses in the field, one of these was Features of Tafseer (Quranic explanation) from Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein Cultural and Islamic Centre, Dubai.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from King AbdulAziz University, Mrs. Humaira started her career in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as administrator of the computer network at Al-Nassifiyah Model School, where she also taught Computer Science to secondary students.

Mrs. Humaira is an ambitious and passion driven person. Her motto is that “Knowledge is the food for souls”; a person is alive as long as they’re learning. She wishes to spread this love for learning among all children, as it is every child’s right to grow, learn and develop, academically, religiously and as a human being.

Abdulkadir Çetinkaya (Student Governor)

Abdulkadir Çetinkaya Abdulkadir Çetinkaya is the President of the Boys Student Council and holds the position of a student governor on the school’s local governing board. Abdul Kadir has been a student at ISCS since Grade 9 (academic year 2017-18).

As the President of the Boys Student Council, AbdulKadir plays a vital role in organising and leading events throughout the academic year. He is the student representative who voices all feedback from the student body to the school management. AbdulKadir is responsible for the running of the Student Council. He ensures that all the appointed members of the council are focusing on developing different aspects of the school.


SEDRA NAZEER ALHAJ ALI An ISCS student since grade 4; Sedra has always been very enthusiastic since childhood. Being selected as the girl’s Student Council President was definitely one of Sedra’s biggest achievements. This position has allowed Sedra to represent the student’s voice to the school management.

Sedra has participated in many different internal and external competitions. One of the main ones that really improved her social skills and self-confidence was participating in the Think Science competition. In this national competition, Sedra and her partner achieved second place in their category. Another prestigious competition is the Model United Nations Event. Sedra has also led on other initiatives such as the Sheikha Jawaher AlQassimy Healthy Schools awareness Campaign.


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