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...It is an honour to extend a most sincere welcome to you from the International School of Creative Science Muwaileh, an educational institution that is recognized and looked up to for its distinguished standards, academic excellence, ethos and strong moral values. Our school motto “Excellence Rooted in Values” inspires us to equip pupils with the skills to learn and adapt in an ever-changing world whilst instilling in them a sense of pride and respect of our culture and traditions.

Our highly qualified, dynamic and hardworking faculty are dedicated in their pursuit to provide our pupils member with an education that is at par with the leading education providers around the world. We provide a secure learning environment for pupils and a place where their individuality and ethics are respected. Here at ISCS, weintend to nurture and educate all of our pupils in a privileged manner that allows them to develop as successful leaders of tomorrow. Our focus on life skills such as instilling in them the fundamentals of collaboration and the importance of teamwork will enable them to become valued members in our global society.

We are consistently involved in ensuring we give our pupils the foundation and guidance to excel, both academically and socially. At the core of our learning process, we aim to help our pupils to think in terms of the ‘big picture’ idea, encouraging our pupils to apply their knowledge to a real life context and to appreciate the various connections between their subjects. By facilitating and promoting cross-curricular learning, we actively encourage the development of critical thinking skills needed for independent research, learning and problem solving.

We are constantly striving to stay abreast with the ever-changing technological advances by providing an efficient and technologically advanced campus, increased communication, and most importantly, preparing our pupils for the fast-paced world they will face in the future. Our website serves to assist you to become acquainted with our school and the many activities that we provide. For further queries, please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit to our school.

Samar Khalid Murad

MA-Applied Linguistics, MBA


International School Of Creative Science Muwaileh

National Day Heritage Competition

Two students from ISCS took part in National Day Heritage Competition organized at Sharjah Private Education Authority. Ahmed Al-Rezi from grade 4...

ISCS hosted a delegation from Sharjah Parents Council

ISCS hosted a delegation from Sharjah Parents Council with the presence of Mr. Jassim Al-Mazmi, Chairman of the Council. We had the chance to...

Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards

Once again, ISCS students were qualified for the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards. Our students ranked among the top students not only in the...

Sharjah Youth Council

ISCS Muwaileh invited the Sharjah Youth Council to speak to their Secondary students to develop their students’ sense of social responsibility and...

Think Science

The 2018-2019 academic year marks our third consecutive year of participating in UAE’s Think Science Competition, the region’s largest science...

Meet an Innovator

ISCS’s Innovation Lead, Mrs Abir Obeid, is already hard at work to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students. This academic year...

Business Cup Challenge

ISCS’s Grade 12 students participated in Curtin University’s Business Cup Challenge where they reviewed and implemented real-life business plans,...

Sharing Best Practices

Eduscope, who provides the Continuous Medical Education Training Programme for School Medical Staff, has invited Dr Amani Bashir to be a presenter...

National Anti-Bullying Week

As part of UAE’s National Anti-bullying Week, the school held various activities and assemblies educating and raising awareness with teachers and...

Sharjah Education Council

A forum to promote the culture of continuous improvement in Sharjah schools and the associated self-evaluation process was been arranged by...

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