Fees Structure

Fee Yearly
Tuition Fee Instalments
1st Sept 1st Dec 1st Mar
KG 1 21,000 700 8,400 6,300 6,300
KG 2 21,000 1,000 8.400 6,300 6,300
Grade 1 24,150 1,300 9,660 7,245 7,245
Grade 2 24,150 1,300 9,660 7,245 7,245
Grade 3 24,150 1,300 9,660 7,245 7,245
Grade 4 27,600 1,400 11,040 8,280 8,280
Grade 5 27,600 1,400 11,040 8,280 8,280
Grade 6 27,600 1,400 11,040 8,280 8,280
Grade7 33,050 1,900 13.220 9,915 9,915
Grade 8 33,050 1,900 13.220 9,915 9,915
Grade 9 33,050 1,900 13.220 9,915 9,915
Grade 10 36,400 2,000 14,560 10,920 10,920
Grade 11 36,400 2,000 14,560 10,920 10,920
Grade 12 39,700 2,300 15,880 11,910 11,910
Grade 13 37,800 2,300 15,120 11,340 11,340

Transportation Fees 2019-2020

Destination One Way Two Ways
Dubai 4800 5800
Sharjah 4500 5500
Ajman 4600 5600

Please note the following:

  • You can pay your child’s school fees online through I-Rusum using our partner institutions’ credit card and avail easy installments for up to 12 months at %0 profit rate. Click here for more information.
  • Books, uniform, transportation and canteen deposit should be paid along with the first installment of tuition fee.


Policy for Fee Collection:

  • First term fees (including books, medical, transportation, canteen deposit, assessment fees etc. as applicable) has to be paid by Cash or Current Dated Cheque.
  • Second and Third term fees must be paid by Cash or Post Dated Cheques along with the First term fee payment.
  • Credit card payments are accepted provided the full year fees is paid upfront in one go.
    • If any family has more than one child studying in the school, credit card payment will be accepted per student basis; however, the full year dues for the selected student needs to be paid upfront in one go. For other students, payments will be accepted as defined in points 1 and 2 above.
    • Only Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted for payment.
  • Easy Payment Plan (EPP) against credit card payment:
    • Beam has arrangements with the following banks for the respective banks’ Easy Payment Plan (EPP) options (monthly payment scheme with no or nominal charge)
      • Dubai Islamic Bank
      • Emirates Islamic
      • Emirates NBD Bank
    • It is the responsibility of the parent to activate the EPP (Easy Payment Plan) by calling the bank helpline, after fee payment as defined in point 3 above. EPP at the point of making the fee payment is not available.
    • Approving the EPP application rests solely with the respective bank as per their terms and conditions.
    • The school is in no way responsible for any EPP approval/rejection and cannot be held liable for any reason whatsoever.
  • Uniform purchases are permitted only after payment of fees for all students from the same family and outstanding dues, if any. Evidence of full fee and outstanding amount payment is required in order to be invited for uniform purchase.

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