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The leadership structure established at ISCS promotes decentralised leadership for each school, With a School Principal supporting the strategic direction of the school in collaboration with the School Governors, Vice Principal who aims to drive effective leadership and pedagogy, which creates a learning environment for students and each phase has a Head of School as the educational leader on site as follows:

  • Foundation (EYFS)
  • Primary
  • Secondary

This decentralised approach delegates more decision-making authority for each leader for each school as listed above.

This type of leadership structure conforms to UK Standards and results in:

  • Higher student performance, as decisions and monitoring are made closer for each key stage.
  • More efficient use of resources.
  • Increased skills and satisfaction in school administrative staff and teachers.The leadership is carefully selected for their excellent qualifications, experience and diverse expertise including proven track record of success in education leadership or respective field. They complement each other in their various skills, areas of knowledge and competencies. This success stems from the clear vision they carry in education and its application to the present time.


ISCS staff are carefully selected from the international educational community for their experience and dedication to the vision and mission of the school.

In ISCS’s commitment to continuously achieving excellence in a dynamic world, all leadership and teaching staff at the school will be required to participate in the school's continuing professional development programme developed with the in-house training and development centre. This will ensure staff are abreast with the latest developments in education and teaching techniques to provide the most effective educational experience possible for our pupils. Development is linked to the core competencies for each role and skills necessary for it, each member of the team will be developed with this skills in mind and supported during their career at our school.

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