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Excellence Rooted in Values

We strive for academic excellence with strong moral values to develop successful and contributing members of a global society.

Founder's Message

It is our promise to nurture and develop ambitious, committed young boys and girls, men and women, who, upon graduation, will have preserved their cultural identities and become confident intellectuals that serve as role models in the modern world today and tomorrow.

We remain fully committed to striving for excellence and to do our utmost to ensure delivery of the highest quality academics within an environment that fosters traditional values and ethos that define our credo.

Salah A. Bukhatir

Founder & Chairman


Principal's Message

Samar Khalid Murad

Principal, ISCS Muwaileh

It is an honour to extend a most sincere welcome to you from the International School of Creative Science Muwaileh, an educational institution that is recognized and looked up to for its distinguished standards, academic excellence, ethos and strong moral values. Our school motto “Excellence Rooted in Values” inspires us to equip students with the skills to learn and adapt in an ever-changing world whilst instilling in them a sense of pride and respect for our culture and traditions.

Our highly qualified, dynamic and hardworking faculty are dedicated in their pursuit to provide our students with an education that is at par with the leading education providers around the world.

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Samar Khalid Murad

Principal, ISCS Muwaileh

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Why International School of Creative Science?

At the International School of Creative Science Muwaileh, right from the start, the English and Arabic departments adopt a common approach and ensure that links are established between the different subjects. In the KG department, for instance, both departments adopt an area-of-learning based curriculum and storybooks used in the English classes are translated into Arabic so that children can listen and interact with the same story in both languages.


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Health & Safety

At BEAM’s Creative Science Schools, students’ safety comes first. In collaboration with the UAE local authorities and health and safety partners, including disinfecting agents, we assure all our families that our premises are in full compliance with all measures to compact the spread of COVID-19.

In our efforts in keeping education safe at our schools, our academic teams provide in-person (Face-to-face), and Distance Learning education (for students who meet the exemption criteria for in-person learning) in a safe learning environment conducive to the needs of all our families.

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