ISCS - Exploring Excellence at Sharjah International Private School

ISCS - Exploring Excellence at Sharjah International Private School

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Welcome to Sharjah International Private School of Creative Science, your gateway to excellence! As a dedicated school community member, I'm thrilled to introduce you to our institution, where quality education meets affordability. At the heart of our page lies the mission to empower parents and students with invaluable insights about the best Sharjah International Private School. We pride ourselves on offering an affordable British curriculum in Sharjah, ensuring every child's bright future is within reach. Our commitment to fostering a well-rounded education and a supportive environment sets us apart.

Explore this space as we unravel the magic of our school, the curriculum, and the accessibility of world-class education. Join us on this exciting journey to unlock your child's potential at the best Sharjah international private school.

International School of
Creative Science in Sharjah

The International School of Creative Science in Sharjah is integral to Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (BEAM), making it a prominent Sharjah International Private School. Known for its dedication to nurturing a diverse and global student community, ISCS Sharjah is a key player in the education landscape.

Our primary mission revolves around shaping ambitious individuals who, upon graduation, retain their cultural identities and emerge as self-assured intellectuals, setting benchmarks in the contemporary world.

At the International School of Creative Science in Sharjah, our educational ethos centres on providing exceptional education within the framework of affordable British schools in Sharjah. Embracing this mission, we take great pride in being a standout option among Sharjah International Private Schools. Our comprehensive approach to education is designed to equip students for a prosperous future.

Choose ISCS Sharjah for an educational journey that combines quality, affordability, and global excellence. Discover why we are recognised as a leading name among private schools in Sharjah.

Why Choose International School of Creative Science in Sharjah?

Are you searching for a Sharjah International Private School that stands out? Look no further, as the International School of Creative Science (ISCS) offers a unique blend of quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to holistic development.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

The International School of Creative Science (ISCS) stands out among Sharjah international private schools, offering a well-equipped campus continually expanding to provide the best learning environment. From purpose-built KG sections to innovative primary classrooms, we ensure your child's surroundings are conducive to their growth.

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Experienced Faculty

Our school prides itself on a team of dedicated and experienced educators. With a commitment to academic excellence, ISCS teachers provide the guidance and support needed to nurture young minds in this affordable British school in Sharjah.

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Holistic Development

At ISCS, we believe in shaping well-rounded individuals. Our primary and secondary sections are designed to promote optimal movement and offer outdoor access to engineered gardens, ensuring holistic development.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Embracing the digital age, we equip our classrooms with the latest technology, including interactive Promethean White Boards, computers, digital projectors, and more. Technology integration encourages creative thinking and prepares students for the future.

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Rich Extracurricular Activities

Beyond academics, ISCS offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to cater to diverse interests. Students have opportunities to explore sports, arts, and other hobbies, making ISCS one of the most affordable British schools in Sharjah.

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Support Services

Our school is equipped with essential support services, including a well-resourced library, ICT labs, an Innovation Kitchen Lab, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a gym, a 25m swimming pool, and a school canteen, ensuring a nurturing environment for your child. Our onsite clinic is fully staffed by qualified healthcare professionals.

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Community and Equal Opportunities

ISCS promotes a sense of community and equal opportunities among students. We ensure that every child's potential is realised, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment at our Sharjah International Private School.

Choose the International School of Creative Science in Sharjah for quality education that combines state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty at an affordable British school in Sharjah. We're committed to preparing students for a successful future while offering various support services and extracurricular activities. Join the SIPS community today for a well-rounded educational experience in Sharjah.

Applying to ISCS: Your Gateway to Excellence

When securing a place at the distinguished Sharjah International Private School, renowned for offering top-tier education and being among the most sought-after affordable British schools in Sharjah, you must navigate a straightforward application process.

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Admission Cycles and Crucial Dates

The admissions cycle for the upcoming academic year in Sharjah typically commences in mid-January of the ongoing academic year. Regarding existing ISCS students, seat reservations for the subsequent academic year kick off in January. It's important to note that the school year starts in September and concludes in June, encompassing three terms with breaks during winter, spring, and summer.

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Admission Criteria and Seat Availability

Admission is primarily contingent upon seat availability, operating on a first-come, first-served basis. There exist specific age guidelines for admission into distinct year groups.

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Assessment of Applications

Our Registration Department, in coordination with the Senior Leadership Team, evaluates applications on a case-by-case basis. Admission decisions are based on seat availability, school/term reports, and entrance test results. Importantly, all other registration and administrative requirements align with those of other year groups at our affordable British school in Sharjah.

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Entrance into Sixth Form

As for students seeking admission into the International School of Creative Science Sixth Form, internal and external candidates can refer to the comprehensive Sixth Form prospectus. This prospectus elaborates on AS/A level courses and the corresponding requirements.

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Navigating the Application Process

  • To begin the application process, complete the online application form on our website or visit the relevant phase reception within the International School of Creative Science in Sharjah.
  • Furnish essential documents, including your child's passport copy, each parent's Emirates ID, and the most recent school report. Additionally, you will be required to provide a letter from your child's current school addressed "To Whom It May Concern."
  • Once the application is received, your child will be invited to undergo an entrance examination and interview. For FS1, KG 1, and KG 2 students, an informal interview that involves parents is part of the process. Grades 1 to 10 students will be subjected to computerised examinations and interviews.
  • It's worth noting that admissions for FS1-Grade 13 remain open throughout the year, subject to seat availability.

The administrative processes for Sixth Form admissions follow the same guidelines as other year groups. Upon successful application, you'll receive prompt notification via phone or email, followed by an invitation to complete the remaining admission formalities. Stay tuned for upcoming open houses, information sessions, and tours exclusively designed for prospective students and parents to explore our exceptional Sharjah International Private School offerings.


Join ISCS: Crafting a Bright Future

We're here to offer the guidance and support you need at International School of Creative Science, one of the best Sharjah International Private Schools. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty. Join the ISCS community for a remarkable educational journey. Feel free to reach out for more information and personalised assistance as you set out on this exciting path to success.