The value of reading

Reading is a rewarding experience for a young mind. It allows students to be creative, build knowledge, and work on articulation. The International School of Creative Science – Nad Al Sheba, as one of the best British curriculum schools of Dubai, incorporates reading activities into its curriculum to allow our young students to expand their imagination, vocabularies, and worldviews.

We believe that extracurricular reading aids children’s cognitive development and language skills. In the classroom, our teachers encourage students to read at least ten pages per week, outside of the books assigned within the curriculum. 

Our language classes concentrate on introducing the child to literature as well as honing their verbal skills and mechanics. However, true proficiency in a language can only be born if a child is fully immersed in the written word. 

A child’s reading habits may be very beneficial in their entire academic careers and in their adult lives. Students who are proficient at reading may have:  

Better imagination

If children read about other worlds as well as their own, they develop creative thinking abilities and use their imagination to solve real-world issues. Reading can help children become creative individuals and perhaps even write their own stories.

Greater empathy

If children identify with characters, they empathize with their experiences and struggles. Reading helps children socialize, developing greater empathy for other people, which allows them to better understand other people, including their peers.

Critical thinking and better memory

Reading helps children develop better memory skills because they process and store more information as they read. They also have better critical thinking abilities as reading activities allow them to question certain events or characters’ motives.

Increased vocabulary

Reading introduces children to newer words and phrases, increasing their vocabulary, resulting in better communication skills. An increased vocabulary may also sharpen their memory and writing skills.

Improved academic performance

Children who read are often able to perform better in all areas of academic life. They are able to concentrate more because they must focus on a story or text for an extended period of time when reading. They can also become better listeners, particularly if the child is being read to by a parent.

Better socialization

If reading becomes a family activity, it may allow the child to bond further with their parents. Readers are often seen to be solitary figures who are closed off from the world. They are, in fact, able to communicate with people from all around the world using skills built through reading and may even be more social, articulate and empathic human beings.​


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