The classrooms are the centre of learning and have been designed to support optimal movement, creative out of wall spaces and in the foundation stage several activity stations with immediate outdoor access to an organic garden have incorporated to ensure a total child development. Each of our classrooms is fitted with the latest computers, Interactive White Boards, shared Active learner responses devices and visualisers.

The idea is to encourage creativity with the integration of technology so that the students internalise the concept of ‘thinking out of the box’. This coupled with our strong educational standards and quality-teaching practises ensure our children find classroom learning fun and engaging.

A Fitness Challenge - ISCS Nad Al Sheba Vs. KHDA

As part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, the teachers of ISCS NAS challenged the KHDA to a football match. An exciting morning of sport and fun for...

Community Garden

The ISCS Nad Al Sheba community garden is well underway to being completed with the support of students and the school community. Students have...

Abu Dhabi Insurance Sector

Abdulla al Shamsi from year 8 was selected to showcase his project at an amazing event in Abu Dhabi among some high-profile insurance company...

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