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Learning & Pupils Achievement

Over the years, ISCS has been awarded many accolades for its achievements, including the accreditation of “Highly Effective with Distinction” by the UAE Ministry of Education, and the only UAE designated “Centre of Excellence” by Promethean. ISCS has consistently delivered stellar IGCSE and GCE results and its graduates have secured admissions at many highly reputable universities around the world. Click here to see a list of Universities where our pupils have been accepted around the world.

Sporting Achievements

The Physical Education (PE) department over the past years has been very successful. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place has been the norm triumph in most of the sports tournaments that we competed in Dubai or Sharjah.

ISCS is proud of its team’s character and courteous sportsmanship. Student enjoys morning activities as a fun “Sports and Team Building”. The activities’ goals are to help pupils to improve their social skills and address team spirit.

Creative Arts Achievements

ISCS Art department is the creative and active department taking part in many painting national competitions! Our pupils thus far have made us proud in all the competitions they took part in. Our pupils participated in the following events:

  • Workshop on Sustainability held by the EEG group under the patronage of the Ministry of Education for Year 10 pupils
  • 4TH Treasures of the UAE’ painting competition held by the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding in Dubai. There were 600 participants and 24 prizes. One of our Year 8 pupils was one of the winners! Amongst the prizes won, our winning student’s painting was included on a calendar and distributed all over the UAE
  • In 2014-15, we participated in the inter school painting competition held in SRS-Dubai. 60 schools participated and ISCS pupils won 4 prizes.
  • In 2014-15, many ISCS pupils participated in the tree planting campaign at AlBateyah Dubai and attended workshop at the calligraphy center in Sharjah.

School wide Achievement

The Intl School of Creative Science (ISCS) since its launch in 2002, the school’s brand has become synonymous with academic brilliance imparted in a faith-based environment and supported by its generously equipped facilities, making the institution amongst one of the most sought after international schools in Sharjah and the surrounding Emirates.

Overall school performance 2011 - 2012: Highly Effective with Distinction.

ISCS was designated as “Highly Effective with Distinction” in the Ministry of Education’s Inspection. ISCS surpassed the requirement set by the Ministry of Education and received “Highly Effective” in all six Focus Areas:

  • The Leadership of the School
  • The School as a Community
  • The School’s Approach to Student Learning
  • The Classroom Climate
  • Pupils’ Personal Development
  • Pupils’ Attainment and Progress

Promethean Centre of Excellence

ISCS was designated as “Promethean Centre of Excellence” by Promethean for 4 academic years in a row 2012-2013 , 2013-2014 , 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

Municipality Certification

ISCS was also designated and accredited as "A Sharjah Municipality Certified Establishment" for implementing a "Good Hygiene Practice".

Civil Defense Certification

ISCS premises have been inspected and found with compliance with fire protection and safety requirement in accordance with Civil Defense regulations and guidelines.

News from ISCS Muwaileh

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Civil Defense Certification

ISCS premises have been inspected and found with compliance with fire protection and safety requirement in accordance with Civil Defense...

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