Learning Models

Return to School - Learning Models - AY 20-21

We are pleased to share with you the learning models that ISCS –Muw would like to facilitate for its students starting August 30th. Those have been designed based on:

  • Preferences registered by parents via surveys, phone calls and PTA.  
  • In-depth review of social distancing requirements and all health and safety measures.
  • Careful consideration of exam classes requirements.
  • Insight into student social, emotional and psychological needs.   

Scenario 1: Full Face to Face Return (On Campus)

  • For students from KG1 - Grade 13
  • 5 days / week from Sunday – Thursday from 7:15 am – 1:00 pm.  
  • 6 lessons / day that offer balance between academics and non-academics with main focus on student wellbeing and effective delivery of both UK program of study and MOE/ Quran curriculum.
  • Some lessons will be offered via Microsoft TEAMs platform in a pre-recorded manner for student independent review and application of learning with flexibility on assignment deadlines.
  • Online learning platforms will continue to be activated as part of the school contingency plan and to facilitate an immediate switch into full Online learning if any emergency call is summoned by the authorities.
  • Students will be allocated specific classrooms with reduced number of students in most of the classrooms especially in KG and Primary. Social distancing rule will apply in all classrooms of all phases. Students will not move between classes. Teachers will visit them in their own rooms.
  • Staggered breaks.  NO gatherings in any of the canteens. 
  • No assembly will be conducted. Instead, a scheduled form tutor time every morning for 15 minutes will be facilitated to enhance health education and share expectations of the new normal.
  • This will be on” first-come first- served” basis. When classrooms are fully occupied according to social distancing rules, all applications will be considered for scenario 2.

Scenario 2: Full Distance Learning (DL) for students from KG1 – Grade 8 Only

  • This will NOT be offered for grades 9 –13 for examination requirements. In -person teaching will be necessarily required for this age group of students.
  • DL will continue to drive the same quality of education and can be facilitated on one-to one basis review in light of the application the parents will need to register. 
  • It will include a reasonable percentage of quality live lessons , and a number of pre-recorded sessions and online resources for students to review independently.
  • Priority will be given to vulnerable students of chronic illness and families who are considered high risk.

Important Notes:

  • Our constraints will always be the health, safety, and wellbeing of our students.
  • The school will make a final decision on the reopening model once SPEA and Local authorities confirm the same.
  • The school will make a decision on the gradual return of students with the Full Face to Face return Model in the first week of student return to ensure that arrangements are in the best interest of our students.
  • The school will share a Home-school contract for parents to read and sign. This includes the learning model that parents wish to opt for.
  • Families can’t choose to change the model after the academic year has started. Any applications will be considered for the second term only if the building utilization plans and health and safety arrangements allow for this change. A medical report that supports parent’s request will be required if the student is medically vulnerable.
  • If the government or educational authorities instructed schools to return to Distance Learning (DL)  model, the school will notify parents and act immediately on this plan.
  • Transportation arrangements: the school is obliged to implement the “first-come first-served” rule due to the 50% occupancy regulations. After buses are filled to the 50% capacity, the school won’t be able to accommodate more requests and parents will be expected to arrange transport for their own children.
  •  For Full face to face return : Please be remaindered of the below:
    • Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD) will be necessarily implemented and parents are urged to arrange for their children’s devices before the school reopens according to the specifications shared in the policy. Again, please find below. This applies only to students from Grade 1/ yr2   up to grade 13. https://tinyurl.com/y6ap8ggv
    • BYOD policy doesn’t apply in KG1/FS2 or KG2/Yr1.
    •  “NO parents or Visitors on Campus” policy. Parents will be allowed to drop their children in the morning and collect them in the afternoon according to the school defined procedures and gates opening /closure times that will be shared shortly.
    • All meetings with teachers and leaders/ administrators will be facilitated ONLY online via Microsoft Teams platform.
    • All students will be expected to wear their masks in the classroom, except students of age 6 years and below and those who are expected by certificate. It’s the parents’ responsibility to get these masks for their children and we highly recommend the write up of the child’s name on it especially for primary students.

Finally, we know that the unpredictability arising from corona-virus means that everyone must remain flexible and in a state of alert, because changes may occur at any time. This is a difficult situation facing all schools and we thank you for your patience, resilience and support during these uncertain times.

We ALL are responsible and committed.

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