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How schools can prepare students for the new job market

UAE secondary schools are tasked with providing students with a strong knowledge base to prepare them for university. However, in our modern society, an additional goal of education is to prepare students for their future careers. With the UAE’s job landscape opening up and providing more opportunities than ever before, students must be equipped with the skills and work-oriented mindset needed to compete in today's changing job market. 

At International School of Creative Science Muwaileh, one of the best British schools in Sharjah, we pride ourselves on a curriculum that focuses on the development of the total child that prepares them for the new job market. In addition to providing a solid foundation in critical subject areas, such as maths, science, and technology, we help students discover their talents and interests and grow into well-rounded adults who understand the value of hard work.

Our state-of-the-art campus facilities support teaching students the skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow. Lessons are taught using tablets, e-resources, interactive whiteboards, digital projectors, among other latest interactive software and resources that enhance teaching and learning. In addition, a fully equipped Learning Resource Centre with multimedia facilities is available for students to enhance their learning outside classrooms.

We also understand that our students face a job market where technical skills, like English fluency and computer literacy, are in high demand, as are soft skills, like punctuality, innovativeness, adaptability and handling work stress. In order to train students in these competencies, UAE secondary schools, including International School of Creative Science Muwaileh, are shifting to teaching methodologies that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership and effective communication.

Moreover, we understand that extra-curricular activities within and outside of school are integral to the development of core skills in students. Our students regularly participate in extra-curricular events organised by ISCS, including sports activities, science Olympiads, arts competitions and exhibitions. We also showcase different career options as early as kindergarten with events like Character Day. 

Additionally, we work with our students to create an entrepreneurial mindset so that they can take charge of their academic and future careers. Whilst not all students will start their own business, entrepreneurship makes young people more engaged, better employees, and more willing to take responsibility for their own lives.

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