Admission at ISCS Muwaileh We are delighted that you are interested in the International School of Creative Science for your child's school education. ISCS welcomes pupils from all nationalities who can access the curriculum and support the school's positive behaviour policy and ethos.

The next academic year's admissions cycle is usually open from mid-January onwards of the current academic year.

Booking seats for returning ISCS pupils for the following academic year starts in January of every year.

The academic year begins in September and ends in June. Each academic year consists of 3 terms with a winter, spring, and summer break. School is closed during all UAE public holidays.

Admission depends on the availability of places (first-come, first-served basis) and the child's age. Please see below for age guidelines for admission to the respective year group.

Year Group DATE OF BIRTH (As Per Sharjah Private Education Authority New Age Policy) 2020-2021
FS1 31-Dec-2017 1-Jan-2017
KG1 31-Dec-2016 1-Jan-2016
KG2 31-Dec-2015 1-Jan-2015
Grade1 31-Dec-2012 1-Jan-2012
Grade2 31-Dec-2011 1-Jan-2011
Grade3 31-Dec-2010 1-Jan-2010
Grade4 31-Dec-2009 1-Jan-2009
Grade5 31-Dec-2008 1-Jan-2008
Grade6 31-Dec-2007 1-Jan-2007
Grade7 31-Dec-2006 1-Jan-2006
Grade8 31-Dec-2005 1-Jan-2005
Grade9 31-Dec-2004 1-Jan-2004
Grade10 31-Dec-2003 1-Jan-2003
Grade11 31-Dec-2002 1-Jan-2002
Grade12 31-Dec-2001 1-Jan-2001

Our qualified staff in the registration department will be able to assist you with enquiries and registration procedures. If you are enquiring from overseas, please fill in the online query form or call +971 6 534 4444

Think Science

Our students were excited to talk about their participation in the “Think Science” exhibition and the experience they gained during the last three...

Quran Memorisation

Congratulations to our grade 12 students “Amal Saed, Jana Ezzaldin, Warda Faruok, Habiba Mashal” for memorising the Holy Quran during Ramadan....

Expo2020 Young Innovators

Our students Sireena Sela'a from grade 8 Taleen Sela'a & Jenine AlHamaydeh from grade 10 participated in the workshop organised at Expo2020...

SPEA Arabic Language Competition

We are proud to announce that our school won the first place in the “Arabic Language Competition” organized by Sharjah Education Council. We...

Mom-Baby Smart Watch

We are very proud to announce that the “Mom-Baby Smart Watch” project delivered by ISCS Muwaileh students won the first place in the Think Science...

KG2 students praying together during the Islamic class

Our KG2 students learnt about the second Pillar of Islam “ Al Salah” by praying together during the Islamic class.

Ramadan Around the World

Lower primary students enjoying our “Ramadan around the world” activity by learning how different cultures celebrate the holy month of Ramadan....

Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards

Mashallah! Once again, our students prove their excellence through achieving outstanding results in the IGCSE exams! Congratulations to Omar...

Student Jana Ezzedeen Interview on Edarabia

Our student Jana Ezzedeen Massoud from Grade 12 expressed her wonderful experience in memorising the Holy Quran at school, through an article...

Floating Waste Fuel

We are very proud to announce that the “Floating Waste Fuel” project delivered by ISCS Muwaileh students won the second place in the Think Science...

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