Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards

SIX Students from International School of Creative Science (ISCS) Muwaileh were ranked among the top achievers for the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards in the UAE and the World. The top accolades were achieved in iGCSE Mathematics, Human Biology, Classical Arabic, Arabic First Language, Physics and A Level Business Studies. This recognition comes in line with the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda to develop a first-rate education system that transforms the teaching methods and aims to rank students among the best in the world in different subjects, including the Arabic language. Pearson is a UK based world leading education company which owns Edexcel, the global private education and assessments board. Each year, Pearson recognizes students around the world to help inspire and motivate learners and drive positive change in their lives. The students are:

  1. Abdullah Ahmed, Highest Mark in the Middle East in iGCSE Physics;
  2. Ansari Mohammed Hamza, Highest Mark in the World in iGCSE Mathematics;
  3. Fatma Moustafa Ahmed Mohamed Eltayeb, Highest Mark in the UAE in iGCSE Human Biology;
  4. Heba Farid Abed, Highest Mark in the UAE in iGCSE Arabic (First Language);
  5. Luqman Obaid Rashid Al-Maani, Highest Mark in the UAE in iGCSE Classical Arabic;
  6. Aishah Anis, Highest Mark in the Middle East in A Level Business Studies.


ISCS students demonstrate their competitive edge once again with in their performance in TIMSS. The students achieved outstanding results exceeding the UAE National target of 510 points as per the UAE Vision 2021 and the UAE National Agenda. The scores were not only above the average UAE score, but also above the average score of other British curriculum schools within the UAE and above the international standards.  Click Here for more information.


ISCS students proved that they are able to compete in an international setting as they scored above the UAE National Target of 510 in Mathematics, Science and English Reading of (PISA).The students’ mean performance scores in Mathematics, Science and English Reading are higher than the PISA 2015 mean performance scores of the students in the UK, US and UAE. Click Here for more information.

Pillars Initiative

Our Grade 9 students’ participation in the Pillars Initiative launched by Sharjah Education Council under the ‘Short Film category’ and proudly winning second place in the competition.

Think Science Competition 2018

ISCS students land third place in the UAE at the Think Science Competition 2018 through the participation of the students Khawla Abdalla Alhammadi, Fatema Naser Alhosani, and supervisor Ms. Abir Abdulrahim Obeid for their project “Self-Charging Phone” under the category “Innovations in Energy and Environment”

Sharjah Entreprennovation Competition

Our Business Studies’ students from grade 10 participated in University of Sharjah Entreprennovation Competition. During this competition, they competed against groups of students from different high schools and universities and had the opportunity to present their business ideas, business plans along with prototypes of their products/services under the title “Framework”. ISCS students won the second place and a cash prize worth AED 15000. It is worth noting that ISCS was the only school that secured a position among the final 4 groups along with three other universities.


National Day Heritage Competition

Two students from ISCS took part in National Day Heritage Competition organized at Sharjah Private Education Authority. Ahmed Al-Rezi from grade 4...

ISCS hosted a delegation from Sharjah Parents Council

ISCS hosted a delegation from Sharjah Parents Council with the presence of Mr. Jassim Al-Mazmi, Chairman of the Council. We had the chance to...

Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards

Once again, ISCS students were qualified for the Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards. Our students ranked among the top students not only in the...

Sharjah Youth Council

ISCS Muwaileh invited the Sharjah Youth Council to speak to their Secondary students to develop their students’ sense of social responsibility and...

Think Science

The 2018-2019 academic year marks our third consecutive year of participating in UAE’s Think Science Competition, the region’s largest science...

Meet an Innovator

ISCS’s Innovation Lead, Mrs Abir Obeid, is already hard at work to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students. This academic year...

Business Cup Challenge

ISCS’s Grade 12 students participated in Curtin University’s Business Cup Challenge where they reviewed and implemented real-life business plans,...

Sharing Best Practices

Eduscope, who provides the Continuous Medical Education Training Programme for School Medical Staff, has invited Dr Amani Bashir to be a presenter...

National Anti-Bullying Week

As part of UAE’s National Anti-bullying Week, the school held various activities and assemblies educating and raising awareness with teachers and...

Sharjah Education Council

A forum to promote the culture of continuous improvement in Sharjah schools and the associated self-evaluation process was been arranged by...

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