Sporting Facilities


The indoor and outdoor playgrounds are equipped with specialized safe flooring and multi-provision for different games, creating a safe level of usability.


The state-of-the-art Gym provides sporting facilities around purposeful play activities within a safe environment.

MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall)

Multi-Purpose Hall was built to the facilities of the Secondary School for various activities such as sports, special events, exams, etc.

Swimming pool

At ISCS students develop holistically. Physical development is given great importance. The swimming pool enables us to follow the prophetic guideline about the skills that should be instilled in our youth. The large, covered swimming pool is heated in cooler months so the lessons may continue throughout the year.

All Weather Field

The boys have access to an outdoor astro soccer field for different activities.

ISCS Sporting Facilities

Civil Defense Certification

ISCS premises have been inspected and found with compliance with fire protection and safety requirement in accordance with Civil Defense...

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