Our Uniform and Dress Code

ISCS Uniform Our aim is to ensure uniformity across all ages with our uniform and dress code, ensuring students’ attire are neat and presentable at all times taking pride being a school member of the International School of Creative Science. At ISCS we set a high expectations on personal appearance both onsite, whilst on trip outside the school and outside in the local community. Our students are ambassadors of ISCS representing our school and you as the parent by keeping to the positive brand at all times.

The school uniform is mandatory for all students at the International School of Creative Science. Parents’ cooperation is sought to ensure that their child/children represent themselves, their families and ISCS wearing the school uniform at all times. The ISCS school uniform policy is outlined below.

Dress code:

  • Students must wear ISCS issued uniforms exclusively.
  • P.E. uniform is to be worn on P.E. and swimming days only. Plain white sport shoes are appreciated. No sport shoes or trainers will be accepted except during P.E. even if the shoes are black.
  • Plain white socks and plain black shoes must be worn on all school days (it is preferable that Foundation Stage (KG) students use shoes with Velcro fastening and not shoe laces).
  • In cold days, children must only wear school issued cardigans/ blazers.
  • The school bag is part of the required uniform and is provided by the school. Any other bag will not be accepted.
  • Students must be dressed neatly and wear clean uniforms at all times.
  • Boys must have hair cut short, Hair gel is not allowed.
  • Girls from FS1 –Year 3 (KG1- G3) must have long hair tied.
  • Student’s hair must be of a natural colour rather or “unnatural” and be neat and of a modest style. Hairstyling products (coloured or non-coloured gel, wax, mousse, hairstyling oil/liquid etc.) are not allowed as well as not to create hairstyles such as spikes or similar. If the student hairstyle is not adhered to the above policy he/she will be requested to amend this with immediate effect and in cases where it is not possible they will be required to remain at home until it acceptable for them to join school with the appropriate attire.
  • Girls from Year 4 - Year 13 (G4- G13) should wear the school provided Hijab [white for Year 4-7 (G4-G7), navy blue for Year 8- 13 (G8-G13)].
  • Both male and female students must have short clean nails.
  • Girls may not wear henna, nail polish, kohl or makeup
  • Students may not wear fragrance or jewellery, except for wristwatches.

The school holds no responsibility for any lost items.

If students do not adhere to the uniform policy outlined above and do not wear the proper uniform, he/she will be reminded in the first instance to amend this with immediate effect, if this is not possible and if a student further does not comply then the parents will be contacted and he/she will not be allowed to attend school until they adhere to the school uniform policy outlined above.

ISCS- Uniform Policy- English and Arabic

Schedule of Tuition Fees Collection Uniform Distribution 2015-16

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