Dual Curriculam Program

ISCS is a dual-curriculum school based upon:

  • UK National Curriculum
  • UAE curriculum for Arabic language, Islamic studies and Social Studies

English Curriculum

Our programme of study is divided into different Key Stages.

UAE Arabic Curriculum


Throughout their studies at ISCS, students also follow an intensive Arabic programme of study set by the MOE (Ministry of Education) and in some cases also take up external exams for these subjects from the UK Edexcel Exam Board.

Arabic Language

Arabic is the language of the Qur’an and it is our aim to ensure that every student at ISCS is able to read, write and communicate in this language to the highest standards in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is a modernised form for classical Arabic. MSA is the universal language of the Arabic- speaking world that is understood, if not spoken, by most speakers of Arabic.

From grade 4 and above there are separate classes for native speakers of Arabic and for students who study Arabic as an Additional Language.

At Key Stage 4, students prepare for the IGCSE Arabic First Language or Arabic Second Language. They can also opt to present the local examination programme in Arabic/ASL if applicable.

Islamic Studies & Social Studies

The school follows an enriched curriculum set by UAE Ministry of Education. Students are also given a good understanding of social aspects, Islamic history and geography of the Islamic world.

Teaching of the Noble Qur'an

The teaching of the Noble Qur’an is core to the school. Qur’an is taught with Tajweed by qualified teachers. Our aim is to help the children memorize the whole Qur’an with Tajweed, insha-Allah. In order to insure the quality of students’ Holy Quran memorization, the school works in affiliation with the Quran and Sunnah Foundation in Sharjah. Students have the chance in the school to be tested according to the high standards of the Foundation.

Civil Defense Certification

ISCS premises have been inspected and found with compliance with fire protection and safety requirement in accordance with Civil Defense...

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