Technology for learning

Besides the state of the art campus facilities, ISCS employs latest technologies such as wireless campus, tablets, e-Resources, Interactive Whiteboards, digital projectors, digital visualizers, ActiVotes, ActivExpressions, ActivTables, and other latest interactive software and resources that enhance teaching and learning. Digital displays around the school are the norm to instantly celebrate digital work of students as well as to provide information to parents. In addition, a fully equipped Learning Resource Centre with multimedia facilities is available for students to enhance their learning outside classrooms.

Parent's Portal

At ISCS, parents can follow up on the education of their children at their fingertips via the personalized web portal accessed securely using individual login details. This cutting edge system was designed to provide parents with the information on their children’s progress, daily schedule, weekly/theme schemes, assessments, parent notices, homework, attendance, assessment results, canteen utilization and credit, library resource utilization, and overall financial status and other details of their account with the school. The school uses the portal as one of the primary means of communication between parents and teachers.

شهادة الدفاع المدني

تم فحص مباني المدرسة ومرفقاتها من قبل الدفاع المدني وأعطيت شهادة بأنها مطابقة تماماً لمعايير الأمن والسلامة المعتمدة من قبل الدفاع المدني.

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